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About Psychotherapy

What can you expect when you come for counselling and psychotherapy ?

Once we start working together we will meet for fifty minutes at the same time each week, usually once a week. You might talk about things that are uppermost in your mind, perhaps relationships, difficulties at work, things that have happened that week or feelings that seem overwhelming.

I will not judge or criticise, I will pay attention to what you are saying, listening and trying to understand. Therapy offers a space for you to talk, you can say anything that comes into your mind.

I work psychodynamically which means that we might talk about your experiences of growing up and how this links to your current life experience. In this way therapy  improves your knowledge of how you relate to situations and people. 

I also offer a sensorimotor approach which means that through mindful moment-by-moment observation of experience we can draw on the body's narrative and wisdom. Sensorimotor Psychotherapy addresses body, emotions and thoughts to promote wellbeing and increases integration between the body and the mind.

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