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How Can Therapy Help Members of Twelve Step Fellowships?

For people who have struggled with addictions, going to a twelve step fellowship is a brave and potentially life changing decision. Alcoholics Anonymous and other twelve step fellowships offer a […]

Boarding School - A Poor Preparation for Emotional Wellbeing in Adulthood

The website boardingschoolsurvivors.co.uk suggests that adults who were not able to cope with the shock and isolation of being sent away from home at a young age suffer a wide […]

Turning A Blind Eye To Childhood Sexual Abuse

The recent report by Dame Janet Smith stated that the BBC repeatedly failed to stop ‘monstrous’ abuse by DJ Jimmy Saville and broadcaster Stuart Hall. The report states that the […]

How Can Psychotherapy Help You?

Recent studies ask the clients what they think People consider therapy and counselling for a variety of reasons. These may include struggles such as depression or relationship problems or following […]

The Beauty Myth

The World Health Organisation guidelines state an adult with a BMI below 18 is considered malnourished and 17 severely malnourished. The average catwalk model has a BMI of 16. When […]

Are You Beach Body Ready ?

Did you see this recent advert for a weight loss product? it features a barbie look-a-like, tiny-waisted, blond haired woman in a bright yellow bikini with the question 'are you […]
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