Getting started

What will happen at my first appointment ?  

The initial meeting will consist of talking about yourself, your difficulties and what you feel is important about your situation. I will ask you to describe what, if anything, you have tried to do to help yourself before now, and what you would like to see change in yourself. I may ask you about your relationships, your work and other areas of your life, past and present.

You don’t need to prepare anything for your first appointment – the important thing is to try to be as open as possible about your problems. I find that people get the most out of this if they say whatever’s on their mind. The appointment is confidential and I am there to help you. After this first visit we will discuss how I might help you, either we will work on an open ended basis which means that you will come for as long as you need (which is something that we will review regularly) or we will decide at the outset how many sessions you will have.

What will therapy be like ?

I will see you once a week. The therapy normally takes place at the same time, as this consistency helps people get the most out of their therapy. Rather than start sessions with questions, I will usually follow your lead. Although this can sometimes feel uncomfortable when there are silences, I find it’s beneficial for clients to set the agenda.


My Fee structure is from £60 to £85 per session which is agreed with you according to what is affordable within that range. I charge £60 for an initial consultation.